Location Based Advertising.
Target Physical Locations. Capture Mobile Devices ID’s. Build Your Audience List.
Real world. Real time. Is Now A Reality!


Location-based advertising (LBA) is a new form of advertising that integrates mobile advertising with location-based services. The technology is used to pinpoint consumers location and provide location-specific advertisements on their mobile devices. Pick the locations. Push Video and Display. In browser and in App.


Engage your ideal audience with unparalleled accuracy, ease, and affordability. Engage with your clients based on their physical behavior. Sophisticated geographic, demographic, and contextual targeting means your messages hit only when they’re most effective and relevant.


Connect with your ideal audience wherever and whenever you need to. We deliver to mobile, desktop, video, and more. With 200 billion high quality, location-verified ad impressions per month, you get volume AND precision. No other platform targets native GPS to handset ID at this scale.


of adults own a smartphone

Why Mobile?


of 18-24 year olds have a smartphone


in a high income bracket

The type of your audience, as well as their physical location, can give you greater insight on serving your ads to each of them. Adquire can help you provide ads that are unique and specific for every potential client that needs geo-targeted services. We can also help you generate sales through providing accurate information while customers are at your physical location.

There is also a way to let people know about you and what you offer in competitor areas. We are here to help you make your business known. Even if someone is not in the market for the kind of service that you offer, making your business noticeable can turn the odds in your favor. Remember, everyone is a potential client.

As location-based marketing experts, our products and technology offer turnkey systems that suit the needs of local advertisers. We offer business solutions for target audiences of all sizes worldwide. Our strategy starts with providing leading premium inventory, location technologies, and RTB (Real-Time Bidding) supply. Adquire also lets you get the best use of top-quality audience data, proprietary location, and creative executions.

Our Inventory

We are a source for high-grade, location-aware inventories. Adquire combines programmatic Real Time Bidding Ad platform with location-verified mobile inventories at unparalleled scales. This results in revolutionary marketing. Adquire has access to over 45 billion high quality, location-verified requests per month. The good news is, these verified impressions increase Ad performance dramatically.

Our Creatives

Adquire has an excellent creative team that delivers exceptional design services. Many leading brands trust our judgement on branding, design, and executions that leverage the power of location. These are not just ordinary ideas but ones that drive results for many advertisers. The best part is, we build your creative needs free of charge for campaigns over $5,000. Save thousands in creative costs.


We transform location signals to contextual, solid data that enables advertisers to provide more relevant and personalised experiences to mobile users.

Adquire understands the complexities of locations and the challenge that comes with delivering targets, strategies, and driving performance to advertisers. That is why we believe in the power of mobile, which is all about location and customer needs. This solution helps advertisers stay one step ahead of their game. In addition, many of our solutions transform and improve location signals that enable advertisers to deliver outstanding experiences at the right time and place.


The algorithm of Aquire is built on millions of data triggers that ensure accuracy, relevance, and experience for every Ad we serve. Adquire’s Geofencing services set a virtual perimeter for a geographic area. It defines boundaries of all sizes and activates ads as potential customers enter the “fence”. Delivering display and video Ads in Browser and in App to each mobile device.


Geoaudiences let you build real-time profiles for mobile users based on location trends, behavioral information, and genuine traits. Adquire uses geographic data, demographic features, and location conditions from the database of 6 years targeting mobile devices native GPS sygnal to hand set ID’s. This deliverers the edge you need for your next mobile advertising campaign.


We offer a solution for advertisers who need best of bread mobile retargeting. Georetargeting transforms a proprietary location technology into an actual cookie, which lets advertisers define and identify good mobile audiences. Our technology bases this information on the location-specific activities that the users behavior drives. Moreover, Georetargeting continuously looks for an audience, as they use their mobile devices.