Advertising to Automotive

Boosting Car Sales with Location-Based Advertising

Market Challenge

Increase awareness, consideration, and foot traffic in car dealerships given that:

  • Consumers use different resources to learn more about a car purchase, as well as narrow down their choices.
  • Many buyers are often unsure about which brand of car to purchase.
  • While at a dealership, many car buyers use their mobile devices to compare vehicle prices and check out reviews.
  • Majority of car buyers research online first before purchasing a vehicle.
  • About one in three consumers have used a mobile device (like locating local dealers) when deciding on a car purchase.
  • Consumers use online review websites to help with their research and car purchase.


We provide mobile location-based advertising services that send catered ads when purchasing is at the top of the consumer’s mind. This type of advertising service performs better than non-location based ads, especially when driving foot traffic and click through rates.


This sends ads to potential buyers who are looking for automotive sales in a predefined location, like your car dealership. You can decide on the scope of your geofence for driving enough store traffic. Ads are only delivered to consumers within specific locations.


This uses consumers’ behaviours, interests, and demographics to retarget mobile users. This sends ads to those who have visited specific locations before.

Solutions for encouraging dealership visits, increasing awareness of your location, generating leads, and promoting special offers

Campaign Thought Starters

It is possible to identify potential consumers who are looking to buy a car or those in the planning stages of a purchase. Here are a few campaign thought starters. Note that our team is always ready to help you brainstorm other ideas.

  • Retarget consumers who have visited your dealership in the past or those who have clicked on and viewed your mobile ads.
  • Attract specific types of buyers within defined areas to find target consumer.
  • Use contextual data like time of year and weather in showcasing or letting consumers know about vehicle features.
  • Create mobile videos (10-, 15-, and 30-second spots) for increasing excitement and awareness, like a clip of an engaging test drive with call to action.
  • Feature a sales associate in ads to potential buyers to make them feel like they have a personal connection when they get in touch with your dealership.
  • Add location formation and interactive features in the ads like affordability calculators.

Case Studies

Timing: 3 months

Market Size: Medium – Las Vegas

Background: The company wanted to consumers to learn more about their Red Tag Specials promotion. This is to increase website traffic, especially where mobile users could look for deals and promos on both new and used Toyota vehicles.

Solution: Centennial Toyota used location-based advertising for targeting a two-mile radius around their dealership and two-mile radius around their competitions in the summer. They encourage visitors to click on banner to see special offers.

Impact: 1,010,000 impressions 4,457 clicks

Timing: Monthly

Market Size: City – Select Cities & Towns in PA

Background: The company wanted to promote their monthly specials and deals in Volkswagen and Audi dealership.

Solution: Autohaus Lancaster, Inc. ran LBA in attracting consumers looking for same vehicle at another dealership. They use georetargeting to be able to engage to the buyers after leaving the car dealership

Impact: 1.5M imps. (late 2014 to end of 2015)

6,806 clicks or 425 averaged per month .36% CTR