Display Marketing

When it comes to advertising your business, your efforts should not be limited to creating simple or generic online ads. You also need to consider location, relevancy, and visual appeal to improve your conversion rates and increase sales. Display advertising can help you do this because of its aesthetic and targeting capabilities.

Display advertising is a popular form of online advertising that uses images, banners, and buttons to promote a brand. This requires working with a display ad network for reaching potential customers. Display ads are not the same as paid search ads, which commonly appear on the result pages of search engines. These ads appear on web pages that show up in a user’s search results.

Adquire Can Help

You can partner with Adquire for creating a display advertising campaign that delivers great results. We have a team of marketing experts that understands the importance of providing relevant ads and personalised experiences to your target audience. We want you to stay ahead of the game, as well as continually grow your business.

Apart from display advertising, you can also rely on us for display ad targeting. This technique involves the placement of ads in certain areas of the screen with the goal of increasing clickability and visibility. It also aims to provide customised ads based on the user’s previous preferences and behaviours. Display ad targeting also uses the visitor’s demographics and other data when serving ads.

Why Display Advertising Makes Sense

Display advertising is growing in popularity, with many companies willing to spend on this type of marketing for both mobile devices and desktop computers. Another advantage is that it costs less than other forms of advertising, which then gives you good value for your money. Here is why display advertising makes sense:

  • It increases brand awareness. Display ads don’t require your users to visit or click through a landing page to learn more about an offer. These ads are designed to grab attention and provide valuable information on the business and the offer. Visitors will know about your business by just seeing the ad.
  • It maximises your ad spending. With display ad advertising, you can build specified parameters for your campaign. These include geographic area, niche or demographic, and the sites where the ads can appear. Targeting relevant people gives a great value for your budget.
  • It increases visibility. Display ads can appear on the sites that are related to your offer. It helps increase your visibility by getting in front of other users, even though they are not directly searching for your business or website. 
  • It assists ad retargeting. Ad retargeting enables you to deliver your ads to those who have visited your site before. This can help you reach out to more potential customers who have demonstrated interest in your products and services.
  • It offers valuable data. Display advertising platforms provide data to measure how your ads are doing, like the number of times they have been viewed or clicked. This will then help you track your investment to ensure that you are making the most of it.

If you want to get started with display advertising or ad targeting, Adquire have you covered. Don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us on (03)9399 4378.