Advertising to Entertainment

Driving Attendance with Location-Based Advertising

Market Challenge

Increasing awareness and attendance in potential entertainment consumers given that:

  • Home entertainment and the use of on-demand services are growing in popularity and are preferred by many consumers (particularly millennials).
  • There are plenty of entertainment options for consumers. This is especially true in major markets so it can be a challenge to break through the clutter.


Our mobile based location advertising helps you deliver meaningful and relevant ads to increase awareness and attendance. This type of advertising performs better than non-location based ads, especially in driving click through rates (CTR).


This allows you to send ads while following potential consumers or ticket purchasers in a predefined area. You can set the scope of your geofence to attract desired consumers. Ads are delivered to mobile users within the predefined area.


This allows you to send ads to consumers who have attended an event in your area or any other event in the past. GeoRetargeting uses consumer’s behaviour, interest, and demographics for effective targeting.

Solutions for increasing awareness of your offerings, including re-engaging former attendees and promoting special performances and ticketing options

Here are a few ways to attract potential culture consumers. Remember that our team is always ready to help you brainstorm other ideas:

  • Use mobile video (10-, 15-, and 30-second spots) to increase awareness about a performance or a performer.
  • Retarget former attendees and encourage them to return or watch again through discounts for bringing a friend and other special offers.
  • Use psychographics with geolocations for attracting certain types of audience.
  • Add interactive features in the ads like, “guess which star will be performing next week in our area?”
  • Make use of contextual data like time of the year or weather in your mobile ads, like “our blues show will take your rainy blue days away.

Case Study

Timing: 8 weeks

Market Size: City (Winnipeg, MB)

Background: The Royal Manitoba Theatre Company wanted to increase ticket sales for their shows.

Solution: The theatre ran location-based advertising to attract patrons of performing arts at different locations in Winnipeg. After the show, retargeting was used to continue to engage with the audience.

Impact: 110K impressions served

309 clicks .28% CTR