Foot Traffic Attribution

Discover the power of location in increasing conversion rates

Attract New and More Clients

Location Based Advertising (LBA), which uses behavioural targeting and proximity, helps you persuade consumers to try your business for the first-time. This can increase your customer base, as well as your revenue.

Find Out More about Your Customers

LBA is about using real-time user location (GPS) and location history to gather data about consumers’ interests and demographics. This is helpful in sending ads that can convert.

Turn Impulses to Sales

LBA removes barriers to make sales. When consumers are physically near your business, you can send ads that make sense to them, giving you a better chance of encouraging them to buy from your store.

Boost Customer Engagement

Consumers appreciate personalised or catered content. This encourages engagement in many different ways, along with the benefit of more sales and increased brand awareness.