Geofence Marketing

Reaching customers and increasing sales should go beyond having a website. If you want to double your click through rate, a locally optimised approach to advertising is worth considering. This approach, called geofencing marketing, is beneficial in increasing customer interactions and boosting sales.

Adquire is the name you can trust for geofencing advertising solutions that can help you stay on top of the game. We are dedicated to delivering results by spreading relevant and meaningful ads to potential customers. You can benefit from our solutions to promote an offer, deliver information on daily specials, and increase foot traffic in your store.

What Exactly is Geofencing?

This refers to the use of global positioning (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) for defining a virtual barrier or geographic boundary. After establishing this “virtual fence” or barrier, the setting up of triggers follows in the form of text messages, app notifications, and email alerts. This happens when a mobile user enters (or leaves) a specific geographic area.

This form of geographics marketing allows your business to create virtual zone in specified locations. With geofencing technology and geofence tracker, you can establish a radius of interest that can help generate an action in a geo-enabled smartphone or device. The geofence tracker is usually paired with an app that responds to the geographic boundary that is set by the program.

How it Benefits Small Businesses

Geofencing is useful in targeting potential customers in specified physical locations, while also enabling you to send the right campaign or message at the right time. This is helpful in understanding the consumer mindset with the hope of triggering sales. This makes it an affordable way to engage customers and increase your bottom line.

Here is how geofencing marketing can help your business:

  • Attract customers. Geofencing allows you to send valuable ads and promotions to mobile phone users within a defined area.
  • Advertise co-efficiently. This is an affordable way (less expensive than other advertising methods) to increase awareness about your business and compete with well-known businesses.
  • Alter (personalise) promotions. As geofencing allows you to gather data from customers, you can personalise your offers and send messages that will encourage them to visit your store.
  • Affect purchase decisions. If you have a special promotion, geofencing advertising can help in spreading your message and educating people about your special offers.
  • Provide value. Geofencing offers phone users value in a form of knowledge or a discount code. You can also use it to remind them about a special occasion like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.
  • Gain insight. Geofencing lets you learn more about your consumers. You can do this by requesting them to answer a short survey and offering incentives to increase responses.

Here at Adquire, we approach geofencing marketing by thinking like a consumer. We analyse what people want to receive and identify the things that can add value to their shopping experience. We want to provide your customers interesting and valuable messages and help your business convert. Our excellent creative team offers exceptional design services that can also drive results.

If you’re wondering how geofencing technology and marketing solutions can benefit your business, feel free to contact us at Adquire on (03)9399 4378.