Location-Based Marketing

Mobile advertising, they say, is a great way to attract customers. The problem is, not all mobile ads can benefit or provide value to consumers. This is why serving mobile ads as they are (or without too much thought) may do more harm than good. If you want mobile advertising to work in your favour, it is important to combine relevant data, an understanding of consumer behaviour, as well as location technology.

Adquire offers location based advertising solutions that can help increase your revenue. We have a team of experts that use relevant data to determine unique advertising solutions for every campaign. This only means that we create valuable ads that can attract the attention of potential customers, with the goal of generating desirable results.

What Exactly is Location-Based Ads?

Location based advertising (LBA) uses location data to send relevant and meaningful ads to customers within a predefined area. Location data helps determine proximity that enables you to deliver promotional content to mobile phone users near your store. Studies suggest that proximity has an important role in determining whether or not an individual will respond to an ad or offer.

One well-known location based marketing method is geofencing. This uses GPS to create a geographic boundary or virtual fence in a specific area. Geofencing serves ads to people who are near or within metres of your physical store. You can use this marketing approach to make sure that your ad will reach local customers at a given time.

The Power of Location

When potential customers are at a specific location, you can use certain data about that location to get valuable information. This is because a location itself can tell what consumers like or don’t like, as well as the activities that they find meaningful or valuable. This will help you deliver intelligent campaigns that can bring value to your advertising budget.

Here is how location based mobile marketing can help your business:

  • The right (or personalised) messages. Mobile users prefer to see ads that can offer them value. Location based mobile marketing uses mobile analytics to send a personalised message at the right time to engage real-time users. The ads will only target users in a predefined area, which then gives you the power to give consumer ads or offer what they want.
  • Targeted ads. People get annoyed or irritated with ads that provide no value. With location based marketing, however, you can use relevant data to minimise bad user experience and deliver targeted ads.
  • Real time advertising. Data from location based mobile marketing is shared in real time, which means that you can interact with consumers at the right time. You can deliver targeted ads or personalised messages at times when they are most likely to respond to an advertisement.

Here at Adquire, we know that simply broadcasting your ads to as many as consumers as possible is a waste of time, effort and money. We want your business to stay on top of the game, so we take pride in helping you create meaningful ads. We are passionate about mobile advertising that deliver results. We want your ads to get noticed to help increase your foot traffic.

If you’re wondering how location based mobile marketing can benefit your business, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call us on (03)9399 4378.