Location-Based Advertising

Grow your Business Through Mobile Advertising Solutions

The Power of Location Driven Marketing: Targeting Potential Customers and Driving Sales and In-Store Traffic

Are you struggling to make returns on your ad spending? It is time to try location based mobile advertising (LBA).  This form of advertising uses the location of a mobile device to alert a person about an offer or a promo from a shop nearby. Our LBA solutions can help you connect to the right customer at the right place and in the right time to drive sales and in-store traffic.

We have a full stack mobile advertising platform that supports all standard IAB units and its capabilities. This allows you to launch and display ads based on a device owner’s location, proximity, and other important data points. What makes it effective is that it is personalised and reaches potential customers in a timely fashion.

Yield Better ROI

LBA maximises your marketing activities to increase your revenue and ROI. It uses a customer’s actual location to send relevant mobile marketing ads that can increase store traffic.

Target Customers Better

Through the use of location history and real-time user location (GPS), you can find out more about consumers’ interests and demographics. This allows you to personalise your ads and make offers based on where they are.

Attract More Customers

As LBA helps you reach the right customers at the right time and in the right place, you can get to potential clients at the time when they need your product or service. You’ll also have access to thousands of location aware apps and sites.

Save More Time

With an LBA solution, you can get the benefit of saving more time, as well as the wide reach of a programmatic platform. It allows you to gain real time bidding access to major mobile ad networks and exchanges.