Advertising to Education

Location-Based Advertising for Boosting Enrolments

Market Challenge

Increase consideration, awareness, and registration among potential enrolments given that:

  • Both students and parents use desktops and mobile devices to research and plan visits to education institutions.
  • Students and parents are becoming more open to other types of educational experiences like longer matriculation period and part-time schooling.
  • Parents and students want to be practical in an uncertain economy.


We help you deliver targeted ads to educational service consumers through the use of mobile location advertising services. When it comes to driving enrolment and click through rates (CTR), our LBA solutions perform better than non-location based ads.


This enables you to send ads and find potential enrollees within a predefined area. You can determine the scope of your virtual fence to get effective enrolments. GeoFencing reaches consumers around your location.


This enables you to send ads to those who have searched for your educational institution or visited your physical location before. GeoRetargeting uses consumers’ behaviours and demographics to deliver the right ads.

Solutions for boosting consideration and awareness of your location and brands, as well as increasing enrolment and consumer visits

Here are a few ways to target potential students. Keep in mind that our team is always ready to help you brainstorm other ideas:

  • Target certain types or students (like local high school students) within predefined areas or geo locations like neighbourhoods near locations of your competitors.
  • Use GeoRetargeting to remind past visitors to enrol or call or speak with one of your admissions officers.
  • Create 10-, 15-, and 30-second mobile videos to promote a special service or offer, like a clip comparing the expenses and career success of your students to others.
  • Make ads more useful and interesting with interactive features like an estimator for funding education.
  • Use contextual location data such as time of year and weather in showcasing school.

Case Studies

Timing: 6 months – 3 renewals

Market Size: Medium – Las Vegas

Background: The university is seeking to boost website traffic and enrolment, as well as build awareness of their tuition affordability.

Solution: They used LBA campaigns over a period of six months. These targeted competing local high schools and universities with mobile banner ads. Within a six-month period, the university renewed their ad buy three times.

Impact: Campaign 1 had 80,292 impressions, 342 clicks, and a .43% CTR. Campaign 2 had 171,262 impressions, 747 clicks, and a .44% CTR. Campaign 3 had had 181,480 impressions, 552 clicks, and .30% CTR.

Timing: 1 month

Market Size: City – Targeting High Schools in the Cincinnati Metro Area

Background: Seeking to encourage local high schools to visit open houses and present available career training programs

Solution: Great Oaks Career Campuses ran LBA to target schools in the area that surrounds their four campuses

Impact: 435K impressions

1,468 clicks