Advertising to Healthcare

Driving Foot Traffic Through Location-Based Advertising

Market Challenge

To increase awareness, consideration, and foot traffic in healthcare service providers given that:

  • Consumers use both desktop and mobile devices to research, check, and schedule health care-related visits.
  • There is a wide variety of healthcare consumer segments, which require and want a variety of health care solutions.
  • Compare costs using healthcare apps that an insurance carrier has provided.
  • Consumers today are more open to wider treatment approaches compared to earlier generations.


We have mobile location-based advertising services that send personalised ads to consumers looking for healthcare services. Our solutions are more effective than non-location based ads, especially in increasing click through rates.


With geofencing, you can send ads to find potential customers in predefined locations like your catchment area. You are allowed to set the scope of your geofence for driving meaningful conversions. Mobile users within the area will receive the ads.


Geotargeting allows you to send ads to those who have searched for healthcare services in the past or those who have been to your location. This is retargeting using consumers’ behaviours, interests, and demographics.

Solutions for boosting in-person visits, increasing awareness of your brand, and re-engaging former visitors

Here are some campaign thought starters for targeting mobile users looking for healthcare services. Note that you can rely on our team for brainstorming other ideas:

  • Re-engage or retarget former clients with special promos for a return visit or ad reminders to come back. You can also encourage them to try a service for a special price.
  • Attract certain health consumers within a specific location, like parents looking for paediatric doctors.
  • Take advantage of contextual location like weather or time of the year for featuring a service, encouraging users to visit your location, and scheduling a check-up.
  • Create 10-, 15-, and 30 second mobile videos for showcasing a new or a special offer, like facial or a laser treatment.