Retargeting Advertising

Connecting with your audience should be about more than just using Facebook or other social networking sites. If you want something that will benefit your business, the mobile approach is the right way to go. Mobile advertising is an effective and affordable way to reach your potential customers wherever they are.

Adquire is the name you can trust for mobile advertising solutions that deliver results. We are a dedicated mobile advertising agency that can help you stay ahead of the game. We have an integrated approach to mobile advertising by combining relevant data and creatives. You can trust in our team of experts to maximise return on your investment.

What Exactly is Mobile Ads?

This is a form of advertising that appears on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The ads can be text messages, interactive advertisements, ad breaks, and sponsored mobile ads. What sets mobile advertising apart from other marketing methods is that it targets potential consumers using specified demographics.

Here are the different types of mobile advertising strategies:

  • SMS marketing. This involves getting a user’s phone number to deliver them offers.
  • Location based advertising (LBA). This uses location data to deliver relevant and meaningful ads.
  • App-based marketing. This lets your ads appear within a third-party mobile application.
  • Mobile search ads. These are basic mobile ads that may carry add-on extensions.
  • QR codes. These are scanned by mobile phone users, which will then take them to the page where the code is attached.
  • In-game mobile advertising. These are ads that appear on mobile games, which can be in the form of banner pop-ups, video ads, or image ads.

Mobile advertising makes the use of mobile networks to determine related mobile displays and preferences when a phone user downloads games, apps, or others. You can also benefit from a mobile marketing platform to help you deliver an engaging marketing campaign to your targeted audience. Working with mobile advertising companies can help you choose the right mobile advertising platforms.

Why Embrace Mobile Ads

Mobile devices like smartphones are a wonderful advertising medium that has a power to connect with as many as possible consumers. This wide level of access lets you create positive and meaningful experiences for your target audience, as well as avoiding alienating them.

Here are a few other reasons you should embrace mobile marketing:

  • It costs are low compared to other forms of advertising like billboards and TV and radio ads.
  • It can be combined with other forms of advertising to attract more clients.
  • There are billions of smartphone users around the world, with wide-ranging demographics.
  • Many businesses are taking advantage of mobile advertising to boost sales and grow their business.

Here at Adquire, we are passionate about creating a tailored mobile marketing strategy that can attract and engage more customers. We don’t just help you create appealing campaigns; we also aim to redefine how you connect with consumers. Our innovative approach to mobile advertising helps create positive experiences for everyone.

If you’re wondering how mobile advertising agency can benefit your business, give us a call on (03)9399 4378. You can talk with one of our experts to learn more about mobile marketing market trends or the use of a mobile advertising platform to grow your business.