Advertising to Personal Injury

Increasing Awareness with Location Based Advertising

Market Challenge

Increase awareness and consideration, as well as attract clients for law firms (that specialise in personal injury) given that:

  • Many potential clients don’t know how to choose the right personal injury attorney.
  • Prospective clients consider word-of-mouth referrals, when looking for professional services like legal assistance.
  • Many clients are not ready in a time of crisis, to choose an ideal legal representation.


We provide mobile location based advertising services for sending relevant ads that aim to inform and attract prospective clients. These perform better than non-location based ads, especially in boosting awareness and click through rates.


With GeoFencing, you can send ads for increasing awareness and informing prospective clients, as well as referrers in a defined area. You have the power to set the scope of your virtual fence to attract desired clients. Only mobile users within the catchment area will receive the ads.


Through GeoRetargeting, you can send ads to potential clients and referrers who have visited your law office in the past. This is retargeting using mobile users’ interests, behaviours, and demographics.

Solutions for increasing awareness and consideration for your law practice, informing clients when to contact an attorney (following a personal injury), and re-engaging former clients

Here are some campaign thought starters for attracting prospective clients:

  • Make your law firm’s specialisation known through geotargeting specific areas where injuries might happen like accident prone locations.
  • Re-target and re-engage clients who have been to hospitals or emergency rooms to call your office or visit your website using relevant and informative messages.
  • Create videos in 10-, 15-, and 30- second spots for featuring something about protecting rights and helping loved ones who have been injured.
  • Add interactive features in the ads like quizzes that help clients determine if they have a personal injury case or qualify for financial aid.

Case Studies

Timing: 5 weeks

Market Size: Metropolitan Area (San Francisco Bay)

Background: Scott Righthand wanted to attract more clients in his personal injury law firm in San Francisco.

Solution: The law firm used location based advertising for targeting potential clients in medical centres and hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. It also used retargeting to re-engage with people after they left the medical facility.

Impact: 162K impressions (first 4 weeks)

395 clicks .2% CTR

Timing: 4 months

Market Size: Small – Harlingen

Background: The law office wanted to increase website traffic for leads on personal injury cases, as well as build awareness about free initial consultation.

Solution: The Law Office of Domingo Garcia used an LBA campaign over a span of four months. This was used to target emergency rooms and local hospitals, where there are injured clients in recovery or getting treatment.

Impact: 550,033 impressions

2,510 clicks .46% CTR