Real-time Marketing

There is no doubt that consumers use mobile devices to find and get anything they want, whenever they want them. They also feel the need to be a part of the newest fads and latest trends. This makes it a good idea to design or structure your ads in a way that reflects a current craze. This can make your product or service seem valuable to consumers.

This is where real time advertising comes in. Real time advertising focuses on real-time or knowing what potential customers need at any given moment. It involves analysis of real-time data that will allow your business to deliver an ad or promote a message that people want to see at a specific time. Adquire can help you with real time advertising, particularly in optimising a campaign that delivers.

What Exactly is Real Time Ads?

Real time advertising is a special form of display advertising that is all about creating a strategy that is concentrated on data reported simultaneously. It uses relevant or current trends, as well as feedback from potential consumers to create ads and boost sales. Its primary goal is to connect people with the product or service they need or want at that moment.

The thing with real time advertising is that many business owners find it hard to understand, mainly because of management techniques and technology needed to accomplish the process. There are also plenty of technical definitions that are challenging to grasp. If you’re one of those business owners who want to try real time advertising but don’t fully understand it, the experts at Adquire can help you.

Here is how real time advertising can help your business:

  • Meet the expectation of consumers
  • Improve connection with the target audience
  • Encourage people to act or respond quickly
  • Strengthen relationship with consumers
  • Offer simple and immediate content

What About Real Time Bidding?

Real time bidding is not the same as real time advertising, as it is only a method that supports the process. Real time bidding advertising involves the process of buying (and selling) ad impressions in real time. RTB advertising is a great way to accomplish market balance and optimise the efficiency of your campaign. It enables every impression to be delivered to the right consumer and at the right time.

Here is how RTB marketing can help improve your campaign:

  • Lower media spending
  • Boost ad performance
  • Target customers better (in the right context and at the right time)
  • Reduce or eliminate insignificant impressions
  • Gather real-time valuable data
  • Run various campaigns instantaneously

Doing RTB right involves choosing the right real time advertising platforms. Keep in mind that there are various RTB mobile platforms out there, so it is important to pick those with a great market share. If you want to give RTB a try, it is best to hire people with the right skills to help you with this. Adquire is the name you can depend on when starting with RTB. We will educate you about the process to help you understand how it can help your business.

If you want to know more about real time advertising and real time bidding or how we can help your business grow, contact us on (03)9399 4378.