Retargeting Marketing

When someone visits your site for the first-time, you want that person to keep browsing and then go straight ahead to purchase something. The reality is, however, that not all visitors are interested in buying; some are more focused on browsing or window-shopping. This makes it important to take your marketing effort to the next level to help buyers make a quick decision to buy.

This is where ad retargeting comes in. This is a form of online advertising that is aimed at previous visitors of your website. Ad retargeting aims to convert browsers or window shoppers into customers. It keeps track of those who have visited your site to display and show them the retargeting ads when they visit other websites, including Facebook.

Adquire is the name you can trust for ad retargeting services that can increase your conversion. Our marketing experts and creative team can provide you with several options for reaching customers through different forms of retargeting ads. These can be text ads, image ads, or animated ads. We will work closely with you to target new visitors, shopping cart abandoners, and other potential customers.

How Ad Retargeting Works

This form of marketing uses cookies (JavaScript Code) to remember or keep track of previous site visitors. This leaves an anonymous tag or cookie on the browser of the visitor. When that visitor browses the web, the banner ad networks recognise the cookie, and then retargeting ads are served to that user (who has your code or tag).

Retargeting marketing enables you to show and deliver your campaign message to those who have browsed your products or services in the past, but did not purchase anything. It gives you another opportunity to get in touch with those visitors to drive and make a sale. Just like other forms of marketing, ad retargeting allows you to reach potential client and give them something valuable.

Ad retargeting is different from ad targeting, which is designed to target visitors based on their behaviour, psychographics, demographics, and others. Ad targeting is also referred to as targeted advertising and uses algorithm and software to deliver ads based on the data of the users. It uses behavioural targeting, as it monitors the online activities of the user, as well as the content they read.

Why Retargeting Makes Sense

Studies suggest that only 2% of visitors convert. Retargeting marketing helps bring back the remaining 98% by motivating them to make a desirable action. What makes ad retargeting efficient is that you are targeting users who have previously shown an interest in your products and services. You can partner with us to develop a strategy that can increase conversion and improve ROI.

Here is how retargeting marketing can help you:

  • Get in touch with visitors who have interacted with your site before or those who are likely to convert (like customers who leave their shopping cart)
  • See better returns on ad spending and higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Promote visibility and branding to make your business memorable
  • Target existing customers by recommending a product related to their purchase

At Adquire, we don’t just help you create a retargeting strategy that works. We set up a campaign while also limiting ad frequency. This is because we don’t want to annoy or overwhelm your potential customers. We limit the number of impressions to users and look at data to measure your conversions and click through rates.

If you want to know more about ad retargeting or get started with this type of marketing, contact us on (03)9399 4378.